Leaky Pipes And How To Fix Them

Having a leak is an unavoidable part of house ownership. Despite your best efforts, pipes can nevertheless suffer damage and, regrettably, shoot water in the wrong places. Don’t allow it to shock you. Refresh your knowledge of how to repair a leaking pipe right away.

We can assist. Being one of the best plumbing maintenance company in Dubai, our water plumbing specialists have handled many water damage disasters brought on by pipe leaks all around Dubai. We are cognizant of your situation.

Here are some suggestions for fixing it.

How to Fix a Leaky Pipe?

Step 1: Locate the Leak

Most pipe leaks are plainly visible. You become active after noticing the damage. If the source is not immediately apparent, follow the leak upward along the pipe’s length. In apartment and condo buildings, this detective work is extremely crucial.

Step 2: Turn the Water Off

Turn off the water supply to the damaged line once you have determined where the leak is coming from. Supply lines have shut-off valves that, when turned clockwise, cease the flow of water. If not, turn off the primary water supply to your house.

Step 3: Empty the Lines

Using a pipe tape kit, as previously said, you can occasionally stop a leaky pipe that has water inside it. If not, wait a few minutes before emptying lines close to the leak.

Step 4: Match the Fix to the Leak

Determine the kind of pipe you are using. Examine the leak or break’s size closely. This helps you determine the best pipe repair option. Make the necessary repairs, and then gradually restart the water supply.

Step 5: Inspect and Call

Make sure your temporary remedy for the leaky pipe is still effective by checking your work. Call plumbing maintenance company in Dubai specialists who can fix the plumbing leak, such as our experts at Home Life UAE.

Pro Tips:

Use epoxy putty on the broken pipe for another quick and simple plumbing leak fix. The epoxy putty will efficiently seal a tiny pipe leak after application by hardening into a solid surface; however, larger leaks will need a more extensive fix.

After identifying the precise location of the leak, prepare the area by removing any remaining moisture with a dry cloth. After that, use some sandpaper to remove any rust or corrosion that may have developed near the damaged region.

The repair method stated above is typically thought of as a short-term fix. It will take a little more effort to put a slip coupling on your pipe for a more long-lasting remedy. However, making this repair yourself is really doable.

Slip couplings join two pieces of pipe in a watertight manner. Make sure it is the same diameter and size as your current pipe and is made of the same material, such as PVC, copper, etc., before you buy one.

Get Expert Help from Best Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai

It is time and money-saving to know how to patch a leaky pipe, but keep in mind that clamps, pipe putty, and repair tape are only short-term fixes. Your subsequent action is equally crucial after sealing any pipe leaks: Even if the leak is modest, make plans for a long-lasting fix. If you are having issues with leaking pipes, get the maintenance company in Dubai plumbing services if the damage to your pipes is severe.

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