7 Common Electrical Problems, and How You Can Solve Them

Have you ever examined the wiring in your home? It might be outdated and ineffective in supplying electricity for the lighting, electronics, and appliances. The issue is that modern lighting and many sorts of electronic equipment cannot be powered by circuits installed in earlier times.

Faulty parts, issues with the electrical wiring, and outdated materials can cause anything from dim lights to a full-blown housefire. Offering one of the best electrical work services in Dubai, here we will go over a few typical electrical issues and the most effective ways to fix these electrical issues.

• Electrical Surges

Poor wiring in the home, lightning strikes, broken appliances, or damaged power lines are all possible causes. Surges are common and only last for a fraction of a second, but if they occur frequently, they can harm equipment and shorten its lifespan.

Solution: Try unplugging the low-quality power boards or gadgets from the outlet and inspect the component that connects to the home grid or the wiring. If the surges stop happening, your issue is resolved. You must contact an electrician from the electrical maintenance company in Dubai if it is not.

• Overloading

Sometimes the bulb or other fitting in your light fixture uses more power than the fixture was intended to use. The risk level is pretty high and this is a code violation. The socket and wire insulation in the fixture may melt due to the bulb’s high heat. As a result, electrical fires are started when sparks fly from one wire to another.

Solution: Fitting a bulb or any other fitting is always better when the wattage is kept within the limits. Use a 60-watt bulb or even a smaller one if the fixtures are not wattage labelled.

• Lights too dim/bright

Your home’s lights either fluctuate between levels of intensity or are either too bright, too dim, or neither. This can be the result of a faulty socket connection. It might result in a fire, an arc, or sparking.

Solution: Ensure that the lightbulbs you have are compatible with the outlets. There should be a sticker near the light socket that indicates the maximum wattage permitted. The wattage of the bulbs should be printed there. Make that the bulb’s wattage does not exceed the socket’s specified maximum wattage.

• Power Sags and Dips

Sags and dips happen when electrical appliances are connected to a bad or subpar power system. When you turn on the gadgets that are connected to the cheap or broken electrical grids, they consume more power than what the device can handle. This results in dips and sags.

Solution: Have your power checked and replace your old device with a new one if you want better lighting and less power usage.

• Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers becoming overloaded is the most frequent cause of this. There aren’t enough power outlets in our house to support all of the devices, appliances, and entertainment equipment we’ve accumulated over time.

Solution: To avoid overloading a single circuit, make sure to disconnect appliances when they’re not in use and distribute them across your home. However, a frequently tripping circuit breaker can be a sign of more serious issues. Therefore, it’s necessary to call a certified electrician from the electrical maintenance company in Dubai to do a check-up if you feel that you aren’t utilising enough electricity in your home to justify an overload.

• Outlets/Switches are Warm

Have you ever noticed that the switches or outlets feel warm to the touch? Warm outlets or hot light switches are signs that you may have a significant electrical issue that could start a fire. Another method to tell is to check to see whether the outlet is warm if you smell something fishy close to it.

Solution: Disconnect the breaker for that outlet or switch right away, then dial an electrician. Don’t use that switch or outlet until the electrician is there to assist you.

• Over-lamping

When a light fixture is installed with a bulb that is more powerful than it is designed to handle, it is known as over-lamping. There is more risk here than most people are aware of. The socket and nearby wiring of the fixture can be harmed by a hot bulb. This may result in arcing, which may then start a fire.

Solution: Fortunately, you may easily resolve this issue on your own. To ensure that the bulbs are at or below the permitted wattage limitations, check all light fittings. Use a bulb that is 60 watts or less to be safe if the restriction isn’t marked.

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